I can hardly believe my good fortune.  I'm one of the lucky few to be awarded a scholarship to Interweave Knitting Lab in Manchester, New Hampshire!  

When I think about it I can hardly sit still to type. I want to jump and race about and throw skeins in the air!!! 4 full days and nights of knitting and knitters! I've already chosen my classes, but boy, was that hard.  How do you choose between Shirley Paden's Cables and Twists class and Mary Jane Mucklestone's Make Motifs Sing?
But I finally managed to work my way through the difficult choices and come up with my class schedule.  Sometimes the only way to resolve the dilemma was to buy one of the teacher's books and opt for self study to open up my schedule for another class. I'm now the proud owner of Diagonal Knitting

I'm really looking forward to Lily Chin's Draping a Pattern class, and Suzann Thompson's Color, Texture, and Structure with the Elusive Slip Stitch!  Since I'm crossing oceans for this event I'm going to get as much out of it as I can! I've opted for the dinner and the Sunday post event classes. Ahhh! I'll be eating, breathing, sleeping knitting for four full days.  Actually, that's kind of like being at home, except I'll finally be in company of like minded people!  Thousands of people that, like me, understand the elemental beauty of even stockinette, the compact structure of garter stitch, the grace of a well turned cable.  Four days of not having to reign in my excitement over loops of wool on sticks! Four day without strangers' bewildered amusement and my awkward explanation when I say I'm a knitting designer.  Four days of absolute heaven.  

There is one little hiccup.  We're moving to Aruba for a few months, and I'll be traveling directly from Aruba to New Hampshire for the event. The trouble arises, in that weight restrictions on luggage are tight these days. I need to knit and pack my wardrobe for these four lovely days in October all before the end of July!  What am I going to wear?!!



06/17/2012 12:49am

Ha ha, the weight restrictions really suck, uhh? But you seem happy, that's the most important ;)


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