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My Dutch has finally improved to the point where I can read Dutch knitting patterns!  I've spoken Dutch for some time, but knitting has it's own language.  Even in English it takes years to become fluent in some of the trickier abbreviations and manipulations required to translate the hieroglyphs of a complicated lace pattern into an actual garment!  Now, try doing that in a second language! No small feat.  

My persistence in learning the language of my adoptive country has a surprising reward; a treasure trove of hand knitting patterns previously unintelligible to me can be explored.  To the hubby's dismay my knitting library is expanding with musty, old, antique patterns.  And since knitting is certainly not as hot in Holland as it is in England and the US, I'm picking up some gorgeous antique pattern books for a song.  Or perhaps I'm just a knitting nut and nobody else wants these dusty old pages.  

Winding it's way to me by post now is "Manual in Women's Crafts - Instruction in Knitting" "with more than 120 illustrations between the text".  It doesn't have a printing date, but I'm guessing around 1895-6.  

Hmmm...  I see some research into the social history of knitting in Holland in my future.  
9/11/2012 00:13:38

Very cool! And time to bring the joy of knitting back to Holland. :)


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