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Eeeek!!!  I need to get my knit on!  In exactly 3 weeks time knitters from around the world will gather in Manchester, New Hampshire for an absolutely incredible event; the very first Interweave Knitting Lab New England!  

For many of us this is a rare opportunity to learn, share, be inspired and surrounded by people who love this craft as much as we do.  (By the way, I use the word craft in the sense of "master craftsmen" and not "arts and crafts".  Just had to clarify.) It is not often that I find myself in such esteemed company, and boy am I excited!  

The one little hiccup, is that I've spent the last 2 months in searing tropical heat, and it's been a little hard to find the motivation to work with wool.  I've got a tableful of unfinished projects spread before me as I begin to assess what I can accomplish.  If I'm going to be appropriately swathed in knits for this event I'm going to need focus and dedication. 

I have exactly 21 days to:
  1. Block a wicked cute pair of cotton lace pajama shorts.  Maybe find a nice ribbon for the drawstring.  A girl's got to have cute knitted PJ's, right? 
  2. Block and weave in the ends of a "Summit" shawl, knit in a taupe colored silk.
  3. Fix the graft on my Shaped Capelet and weave in the ends.
  4. Knit the second half of a Frost Flowers shawl in the most delicious teal angora (hand dyed by the extraordinary Blossom Fibers). Graft together, and block.
  5. Here's where the crazy comes in: Design, knit, and block a cardigan in sock weight Madeline Tosh merino.  I've got a great idea for the design, can't wait to try it out, swatches have been on my idea board for ages...  but 3 weeks for a complete sweater?  Hummph... That lovely photo at the top of the blog? That's the wool that still needs to be balled (by hand as the ball winder and swift didn't fit into my suitcase).  
I promise I'll wear the "new" sweater at Interweave Knitting Lab at some point.  If you see me sporting a one sleeved cardigan, know that it's not my take on the new asymmetrical trend, but that I'm living up to my promise to do my darndest to finish this sweater in the next 3 weeks, and wear it no matter what!  

See you in Manchester!

9/13/2012 22:58:50

Where are you now? Maybe if you are near a LYS you can ask the shop owner (with big puppy eyes) if you can use their swift and winder. It could save you a lot of time AND you get to fondle new yarn.

9/14/2012 09:16:07

Very sweetly asking a lys owner to borrow their ball winder and swift if a fantastic idea. But there is NO YARN SHOP on Aruba! Can you believe it? If you could imagine the heat here, you would completely understand why there is no yarn shop. Luckily for me, the hubby is a very good swift. He had plenty of practice before I got my wooden swift and still has quite some skill. He helped me wind the first skein last night. I'm working on the gauge swatch now, and with a little luck, I'll be casting on tonight. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the suggestion!


10/2/2013 16:36:33

Took the day off and was just reading up some blogs and thought I would post here


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