I have a pattern in the new knit.wear! Interweave has done it again; beautiful styling and gorgeous modern knits. Here are my Big Twist Legwarmers. They're cute and quick and very cuddly. I think the gentle twist is simple and elegant, but take a closer look and they're really intriguing.  

The twist isn't a cable.  The legwarmer is actually a rectangle, but the edges intertwine to create a tube and the flowing twist!  I know! Pretty neat, huh? 

If you page through the magazine, tucked in among 25 beautiful and flattering designs, you'll also find my in depth article on short rows, "The Long and Short of it." It covers the most common short row techniques and most importantly how to use them to completely customize your knits for a bespoke fit. 


06/28/2012 12:49am

Great to see you proceed, Erica. I'm glad to see that you're so successful!

Neat design! :-)

Best wishes,

09/24/2012 8:41am

Dear Erica,
I am a beginning knitter and love these legwarmers! But, am I confused by the twist instructions- what do you mean by "Turn?"

Thanks for your help!

Sally Pellegrini
10/04/2013 3:34pm

I ask also what to do in row 2- after you knit row 1. Do i turn and knit around until end and then knit needle 4? Then reverse and knit clockwise?

Hi Erica, I love these leg warmers, very modern and lovely. They are on my list. Thank you.
09/28/2012 6:16am

Erica Patberg
10/23/2012 7:54pm

I'm traveling and don't have a copy of the pattern with me. The construction is really unique, but once you 'get it' it'll be like a lightbulb going on!

I'm not sure exactly which instruction you're referring to, but generally turn would mean to turn the work. At the point where you're supposed to turn; stop. Turn the work to the other side, and work back in the other direction.

If that doesn't help, send me more specifics and we'll see what we can do.

Good luck! And happy knitting!


Sue Finucane
02/26/2013 1:14pm

I recently purchased this pattern, but am confused about the stitch pattern. It says to work in knit 1, purl 1 but the picture looks like it was done in stockinette stitch. Could you clarify, please?

Erica Patberg
02/26/2013 1:25pm

Absolutely! It is a knit 1 purl 1 rib. Sometimes if a rib isn't slightly stretched you'll only see the knit wales and the purl ditch recedes so that it disappears. That's why it looks like stockinette even though it really is a knit 1 purl 1 rib.

Enjoy the leg warmers!


Jeannine Groulx
11/26/2014 8:32pm

I am trying to do the big twist leg warmers I am not succeeding past part of row 1. are there photos of how this is done?
Sincerely waiting for your reply. Thank you.


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