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There's a lot of news here at CogKnits. The loan for building my knitting studio was approved and plans are in full swing! I've created a 3D floorplan and am waiting on bids from the contractors. I'll be renovating a barn on the property of our new house. It's a solid building in a great location overlooking the river, but it needs a complete transformation to turn from a drafty barn into a cozy knitting studio and welcoming guest house.

On the wish list are under floor heating, a big sink and stainless steel countertop for washing and blocking knits, a small wood burning stove, a toilet with shower, upstairs guest room, an atrium with skylights to make the most of natural sunlight, French doors to replace the metal barn door, and dormer windows in the guest room to create more headspace. And let's not forget the unglamorous bits that make a space comfortable; connecting to the sewer, running water, electiricty, lighting fixtures, heating system, ventilation...  It's not a little project.

On my personal to do list; builidng custom shelves and storage for yarn and building drawers under the staircase to store tools. Here is an idea of what I have in mind...

9/30/2013 00:10:34

This all looks fantastic - hard work but fantastic. Good luck with getting it all together. :)

9/30/2013 02:44:58

Ooh, what a dream come true! Love all your plans.

9/30/2013 08:44:30

Fantastic!!! I wish I could have a knitting studio! I hope you'll show us the final result ;)

10/1/2013 02:31:56

I love the drawers under the stairs, all the daylight, and the wall o' yarn!


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